Leffe is the original Abbey beer worth taking your time over.

To try and get people to slow down in an increasingly hectic world, we turned our camera on five artisans and craftspeople who all slow time in their work.

Produced in-house by The Academy Films, SLOW TIME, features Willard Wigan the micro-sculptor who has to slow his breathing to ensure he doesn’t inhale his unique artworks; astrophotographer Pete Lawrence who captures the action (literally) light years away; Adrienne E Treeby, a charcuterist who uses time to flavour her products; Susan Derges who develops her photographs in streams under moonlight; and the incredible Quay Twins, animators who painstakingly produce films at 25 frames a second using traditional stop-motion techniques.

The film is not only generating PR coverage, but has made the leap into paid media as content for a partnership with The Guardian and the actual world of film, getting a showing at Picturehouse cinemas across the country.

Time for a Leffe.